Gift of 6

Gift of 6



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With nearly a century of flavorful cheeses and a half century of perfectly-spiced sausage making behind us, we offer larger-than-life portions of these irresistible favorites:

  • Hickory Smoked BEEF LOG ®—a just-right blend of spices gives this king of sausages its hearty flavor. Savory and semi-dry, it's naturally smoked to bring out a pleasing hint of hickory
  • Extra Smoky BEEF LOG—a deeper smoky flavor in every bite
  • Garlic Flavored BEEF LOG—a kick of garlic
  • Summer Sausage—a hearty, perfectly-spiced blend of beef and pork
  • Swiss Cheese—nut-sweet and buttery rich
  • Cheddar Cheese—a savory flavor with a touch of sharpness and crumbly texture
  • Kreme Kaese—a higher cream content produces a mellow, Havarti-like taste, texture and laciness
  • Colby Cheese—milder and gentler flavor than Cheddar; also softer and moister
  • Gift of 3: 1-lb. each BEEF LOG Sausage and Cheddar Cheese plus 13-oz. Swiss
  • Gift of 4: All three above plus 1-lb. Garlic BEEF LOG Sausage
  • Gift of 5: All four above plus 1-lb. Kreme Kaese Cheese
  • Gift of 6: All five plus 1-lb. Summer Sausage
  • Gift of 10: All six above plus an additional l-lb. BEEF LOG Sausage, 1-lb. Extra Smoky BEEF LOG Sausage, 1-lb. Colby Cheese, and an additional 1-lb. Cheddar Cheese

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Gift of 6

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