Handmade Fudge Pick 'n Choose


Handmade Fudge Pick 'n Choose

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Experience the quality that can only come from small-town craftsmanship. Real sugar, chocolate and other special ingredients are patiently blended, shaped by hand, cut and carefully laid into half-pound boxes. The skillful hands-on artistry of traditional fudge making is still alive…and nobody does it like The Swiss Colony. 8 oz. each.

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8 oz Pumpkin Fudge # AW811
8 oz Cinnamon Bun Fudge # AW812
8 oz Candy Cane Fudge # AW813
8 oz Vanilla Bean Fudge # AW815
8 oz Chocolate Fudge # AW816
8 oz Maple Walnut Fudge # AW817
8 oz Chocolate Pecan Fudge # AW818
8 oz Butter Pecan Fudge # AW819
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Handmade Fudge Pick 'n Choose

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