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Wisconsin is the gourmet sausage and cheese capital of America…although we don’t really think of these everyday food items as gourmet. German and Swiss immigrants brought their cheese- and sausage-making traditions with them decades ago, and almost every little town here has a selection of summer sausage and cheese that would rival that of most big-city supermarkets. The care and pride put into these products make our holiday cheese and sausage gifts the very best around. If you want the finest cheese and sausage gift baskets, look no further.

Cheese and sausage gift baskets for every occasion.

We don’t really need a special occasion to break out the gourmet sausage and cheese—any football game or picnic will do—but during the holidays our cheese and sausage gifts really shine. Family members and friends love to snack on them when visiting, and a sausage and cheese gift box will brighten anyone’s day.

Summer sausage and cheese: the perfect pair.

The savory tang of summer sausage and the sophisticated creaminess of cheese are a match made in heaven…or Wisconsin. That’s why sausage and cheese gifts from The Swiss Colony are always appreciated. Have a look around: we have cheese and sausage gift baskets in every price range.

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Sausages N Cheese Bars

$17.99 - $34.99

On orders by December 20th

The Jumbos

$39.99 - $99.99

On orders by December 20th

Sausage n Cheese Bars

$24.99 - $49.99

On orders by December 20th

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