Chocolate, mint and triple chocolate dobosh tortes on plates, each with one slice showing the layers.

Dobosh Torte: Layers of Luxury

Dobosh (Dobos) Torte is a classic among cakes. With 15 layers, this version of the chocolate torte takes the layered dessert trend to new heights.

For many American families, a Swiss Colony Dobosh Torte is a regular tradition—either as a special-occasion dessert, a gift, or both. The mail-order company has been making the multi-layered chocolate cake since before the Kennedy Administration…but the torte’s history goes back to a more distant time and place. read more

Variety of petits fours displayed on a white cake stand, cut to show the different layers.

History of Petits Fours: Luscious Little Layer Cakes

The history of petits fours goes back hundreds of years. Learn the origin of petits fours and why they make so much sense at today’s parties.

Whenever there’s a special event—a birthday, a wedding, or any other reason to celebrate—a layer cake is usually not far away. Unfortunately, layered cakes can be somewhat labor-intensive…not to mention messy. Someone needs to cut the cake, at which point it ceases to be pretty. Some people want big pieces; others want small. Some don’t want frosting; others want only frosting. The rest gets thrown. Plates and forks are needed: either nice ones, which need to be washed, or disposable ones, which wind up in the trash. Then, of course, it’s not easy to walk around and mingle while eating cake. read more

Neapolitan petits fours in a spring green box with a small pedestal plate displaying cut samples to show the layers.

Mini Desserts: a Big Trend in Sweetness

Mini cakes and other bite-size desserts are making a big splash in the food world. See why mini desserts like petits fours are perfect for parties.

How many times have you finished dinner at a restaurant and groaned when the server asked whether you had room for dessert? You may have been uncomfortably full—the abnormally large serving sizes at American restaurants can do that to you—and the thought of taking on a big slab of double-chocolate layer cake was just too agonizing to comprehend. Sure, you could have saved some room and set part of the entrée aside to enjoy at home later…or the restaurant could have made it easier for you by offering bite-sized desserts instead. read more

Three Rolled Cake Logs, in White Chocolate, Lemon and Original Chocolate, each decorated with a Christmas design.

Yule Log History: Jelly Rolls and Other Rolled Cakes

Cakes come in many shapes, sizes and flavors. Yule log cakes are some of the most popular rolled cakes decorated for Christmas.

Why do we love cake? Cakes have been around for centuries. Primarily used for celebrations, the earliest cakes were not that different from bread. In Roman times, butter and eggs were added to bread dough to give it a cake-like consistency; honey was often added as a sweetener. read more