Sliced glazed Easter ham on a white platter, ceramic bunnies, and a side plate of asparagus and sliced  ham.

Best Types of Ham: Which Do I Buy for the Holiday?

What is the best ham to buy for Easter or Christmas, or any season? Do you want a smoked ham? A honey ham? We’ll show you the best types of ham.

Baked ham is a time-honored tradition in America, especially for Easter or Christmas. (A lot of people also prefer ham for Thanksgiving, either as a complement or alternative to the traditional turkey.) Of course, it’s not that way everywhere in the world. read more

Three females at Cheese Days 2016 walking with a Swiss Colony Cheese Days parade banner.

Cheese Days in Monroe, Wisconsin

The Swiss Colony has been selling cheese since 1926, but there’s even an older tradition in its hometown. It’s Green County Cheese Days in Monroe, Wisconsin! read more

Yellow spring flower towers with boxes displaying a beef log, cheese, chocolates, mixed nuts, candies and more.

Unique Gift Ideas for Mom: Mother’s Day Food Gifts and More

Looking for unique gift ideas for mom? Mother’s Day food gifts are always great, but the best gifts are the ones that could only have come from you.

Remember when you were a kid looking for gift ideas for Mom? You’d ask her if there was anything she wanted, and she’d always tell you the same thing: The gift itself is not important. The best Mother’s Day gifts—the ones that mean something—are the ones you put some thought into. Chances are, no matter what Dad got her on that special day, her favorite gift was the crude card you made with paper, crayons, glue, and love. It was from the heart, and it was one of a kind…just like you are. read more

Elk and venison sausage gift box with sliced sausage, dip and a cutting board on the side.

Father’s Day Food Gifts and Other Great Ideas for Dad

What to get Dad for Father’s Day? Put down the necktie! We’ll help you out with great Father’s Day food gifts and other ideas.

Mothers and fathers have special days in their honor. However, the steps taken to create a day to recognize the great things fathers do was much more difficult than the process to develop Mother’s Day, which took off commercially in 1908. read more

Decorative pink and white dobosh torte on a white platter, with a slice displaying the many layers, and fruit garnish.

The Origin of Mother’s Day…and Gifts That Show You Care

Mothers have been celebrated throughout the centuries and continue to be recognized with presents and homemade gifts every Mother’s Day.

It’s the thought that counts. For centuries, cultures around the world have celebrated mothers…and Mother’s Day in the U.S. recently passed its own century mark. Honoring the sacrifices mothers make for their children is a tradition that has stood the test of time. read more

Fuzzy chick Easter basket filled with an assortment of foiled chocolate candies and jelly beans.

Premade Easter Baskets…Convenience Meets Tradition

The history of Easter baskets is filled with tradition. Premade Easter baskets leave more time for finding Easter eggs and a chocolate bunny.

Easter is a cherished religious holiday that holds significant meaning beyond simply serving up your best Easter ham and all the trimmings. Very early Christians used decorated and painted eggs to symbolize religious teachings which have been carried through to modern times. In other faiths, eggs symbolize the start of a new life with events timed with the start of spring. read more

Sliced glazed masterpiece ham on a holiday plate with red grapes, pears and oranges.

Easter Traditions: How to Bake a Ham

Want to put together a fabulous Easter ham dinner menu? We’ll teach you how to bake a ham, carve it, and build a traditional menu around it.

Easter dinner is a great opportunity to gather the family in celebration. Spring—Easter, in particular—signifies a new beginning…symbolized by the candy eggs that show up in Easter gift baskets. The snows have melted, the tulips and daffodils start poking up from the thawed earth, and things start greening up. The days are suddenly longer than the nights. It’s why ancient religions worshipped a dawn goddess at the equinox; Aries is the first sign of the zodiac; and the early Roman calendar started in March. (Did you ever wonder why the ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth months of the year are named for the Latin numerals seven, eight, nine and ten?) And so we celebrate Easter…and more often than not, we do it with ham. read more