Red striped chocolate petits fours that reads be my valentine, coated with white chocolate and red hearts.

Valentine’s Day and Chocolate: History and Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day and chocolate have a long history together. Learn all about it, and get some sweet Valentine’s Day gift ideas!

Chocolate and roses are traditional gifts to signify one’s love on Valentine’s Day. Why chocolate has been linked to Cupid can be found through historical references of ancient Aztec rulers who believed chocolate was a gift from the gods, followed by Christopher Columbus, who brought back chocolate and gold to Europe, where the news of this new luxury and legend as an aphrodisiac quickly spread. read more

Hand decorated, layered chocolate petits fours with chocolate curls on top.

Dessert Ideas for Parties with Petits Fours

If you’re looking for dessert ideas for parties, bite-sized petits fours in a variety of colors and flavors are perfect for any time of year.

Need dessert ideas for parties? Deciding what to serve at a party can sometimes be a daunting task. What type of food will the guests prefer? Can the food and beverages be tied to a theme? How much needs to be made or purchased so there’s enough to satisfy everyone? How should the food be presented so that it looks fun and appetizing? From appetizers to desserts, to room decor and more, considering these options is important to the success of any event. read more