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Yule Log History: Swiss Rolls, Jelly Rolls & Other Rolled Cakes

Cakes come in many shapes, sizes and flavors. Yule log cakes are some of the most popular rolled cakes decorated for Christmas. But, how do they compare to other rolled cakes, like a Swiss Roll (or, Jelly Roll)?

Three Rolled Cake Logs, in White Chocolate, Lemon and Original Chocolate, each decorated with a Christmas design.

The Origin of Cake

Cakes have been around for centuries. Primarily used for celebrations, the earliest cakes were not that different from bread. In Roman times, butter and eggs were added to bread dough to give it a cake-like consistency; honey was often added as a sweetener.

Ancient cakes were used in religious ceremonies and baked in different shapes, depending on the type of observance. It is believed that round and circle shapes symbolized the cyclical nature of life, as well as the sun and moon.

The book An A to Z of Food and Drink by John Avto explains that the word “cake” originates from the Vikings. “Kaka” is from the Old Norse language of Germanic words.

Before refined sugar, spices, nuts, and dried fruit were commonplace, it was considered to be an honor to be presented with a cake. Even today, a cake means that an occasion (and/or the recipient) is special. We celebrate many events, from birthdays to weddings, with cake.

Yule Log Cake History

Through the years, cakes were baked in molds shaped and decorated to look like animals, such as Easter lambs and rabbits, and many other things, such as Yule Logs, to celebrate Christmas and the winter solstice. There are historical references in the late 1800s that indicate a French pastry chef developed a log-shaped cake to resemble an actual Yule log. This article provides more Yule log lore.

A Yule log cake is a dessert traditionally served near Christmas, popular in France and Quebec, and is also known as bûche de Noël. The most common combination is basic yellow sponge cake and chocolate buttercream filling. However, there can be many variations, including chocolate sponge cake, ganache, and flavored icings. Once baked, it is decorated to look like a tree branch with icing that mimics the look of tree bark. Fresh fruit and flowers, whipped cream, icing-styled berries, and other forest decorations are common additions.

No matter the season or celebration, rolled cakes are a welcome addition to happy occasions!

Forest Friends Log

Yule Log vs Swiss Roll (aka Jelly Roll)

In the 18th century and into the early 19th century, rolled cakes were popularized in America. One early published reference for a rolled cake spread with jelly was in the Northern Farmer, a journal published in Utica, New York, in December 1852.

The origin of the term “Swiss Roll” is unknown. The earliest British reference to a rolled cake by that name appeared on a bill of fare dated June 18, 1871, published in the 1872 book A Voyage from Southampton to Cape Town, in the Union Companys Mail Steamer Syria(London). A recipe for “Swiss Roll” also appeared in the U.S. that same year in The American Home Cook Book, published in Detroit, Michigan.

The rolled cake terminology evolved in America for many years. From 1852 to 1877, the dessert was called: Jelly Cake (1852), Roll Jelly Cake (1860), Swiss Roll (1872), Jelly Roll (1873), and Rolled Jelly Cake (1876).

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I’m a First time customer this Christmas with very large gifts order which is delicious. Are the walnuts and pecans in the fudge trio product roasted prior to being mixed in the fudge? I’m allergic to raw nuts but can eat them after roasting in recipes.

Hi, Nancy! We apologize for the delay in getting back to you. If you ever have any questions regarding our ingredients or processes, please reach out to us at, and we’ll do our best to address any concerns.

I try to order every year for my kids,they look forward to it.

That’s wonderful, Donna! We’re thrilled to be a part of creating special moments for your kids each year. Thank you for choosing us for your family tradition!

Looking for a raspberry jelly roll. Not the angel food type. A sponge cake consistency.

Can’t find them anywhere.

I have been lookin for the raccoon log. It’s been a tradition since I was a little boy. My mom always got it for me and then when I had a son and he became 5yrs old, she started it with him. All the way to last Christmas. Well my mom passed this year and I was going to continue it with my son, but I can’t find it. Could you help? Thank you.

We were having issues with making the Forest Friends Log, but stay tuned this fall!

Why is this yulelog with the raccoons no longer avail, its been a tradition for years in our family. I hate that it won’t be on our table this year.

We were having issues with making the Forest Friends Log, but stay tuned this fall!

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