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jelly belly

History of Jelly Beans: What Are They, and What Are They Made of?

How are jelly beans made? What are they made of? Learn the history of jelly beans, including Jelly Belly® jelly beans—by far the most popular.

What comes in a nearly endless supply of flavors and colors, contains about 4 calories, has two days named after it, and has been an important part of Easter baskets, holiday gifts and other events for decades? read more

Christmas Candy

Old-Fashioned Hard Christmas Candy: Remember the Good Old Days?

Marzipan candy, maple walnut fudge, and good old-fashioned hard Christmas candy add traditional flavor to holiday celebrations.

Christmas celebrations are rich in tradition: Christmas Eve story reading from classic tales like ’Twas the Night Before Christmas or Polar Express…setting out a plate of cookies and milk for Santa…maybe even one special gift exchange for kids who just can’t wait until Christmas morning. Traditions inspire childhood memories—joyful memories like special foods and desserts that are only served at Christmas and found in stockings hung for Santa. One of those edible traditions is good old-fashioned Christmas candy. read more


What Is Butter Toffee? Meet Wisconsin’s Famous Treat

What is butter toffee? In Wisconsin, sweet cream butter, almonds and pure milk chocolate are how toffee is made into an award winner.

The Swiss Colony candy kitchen and bakery is frequently filled with mouthwatering aromas such as baked gingerbread, cakes and chocolate truffles. However, there is a particularly pleasant scent that the entire Swiss Colony office has come to know—that’s when award-winning Butter Toffee is being made. read more