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The Perfect Dessert Idea for Parties: Petits Fours

If you’re looking for dessert ideas for parties, bite-sized petits fours in a variety of colors and flavors are perfect for any time of year.

Need food gift ideas for a party? Whether you are hosting a party, or looking for the perfect idea for what to take to a party, food ideas can feel like a daunting task. What type of food will the guests prefer? Can the food and beverages be tied to a theme? How much needs to be made or purchased, so there’s enough to satisfy everyone? How should the food be presented so that it looks fun and appetizing? From appetizers to entrees to desserts, not to mention room decor and more, considering these options is important to the success of any event.

Hand decorated, layered chocolate petits fours with chocolate curls on top.

Stress-free Party Hosting

In order to avoid last-minute party panic, Real Simple magazine offers a useful Party Planning Checklist that starts three weeks in advance. Three weeks may seem like a lot of time; however, it gives the party planner just the right amount of breathing room to cover all the basic party needs.

As the host or hostess, think about the foods and beverages that will add a “wow factor” without breaking your back or the bank. You’ll want to provide a combination of hot and cold dips that are typical crowd-pleasers. In addition, consider serving a cheese platter with a variety of artisanal cheeses such as aged Cheddar, soft cheeses like Brie and goat, along with specialty cheeses like Burrata, “bread cheese” (also known as Juustoleipa), or Kreme Kaese. Salty nuts and nut mixes are also great accompaniments to cheese. Raw veggies and fresh fruit offer a bright contrast to heavier dips and cheeses.

Christmas Cookes on a Table

What to take to a party?

Deciding what food gift to take to a party can also be a difficult decision. Unless you have a personal “go-to” favorite (i.e. Seven-layer dip, beer-cheese dip, or a family-secret apple pie), you a probably concerned about finding something everyone will like, or won’t clash with the host’s theme. Often, a dessert is the best way to make your mark without trying to steal the show.

And, for parties, there is the PERFECT dessert idea: Petits Fours!

Birthday Mini Cakes
Red striped chocolate petits fours that reads be my valentine, coated with white chocolate and red hearts.
A box of 36 petits fours in spring colors with some spelling out “Happy Easter” in icing
Happy Halloween petits fours decorated with chocolate and orange icing, white ghost faces and orange stripes.
Merry Christmas Petits Fours
Incredible petits fours in chocolate fudge, red velvet, strawberry, vanilla, carrot spice, and lemon.

Petits Fours: The Perfect Party Dessert Idea

What are petits fours? Petits fours are layered mini cakes covered in melted chocolate. Often, they are then hand-decorated to make a truly beautiful dessert. Petits Fours will help round out any food menu with a mini crowd-pleasing dessert that is easily eaten in one bite. Small portions also allow guests to try more than one type of perfect tasty treat offered.

The Swiss Colony – the largest hand-decorating bakery in the United States – is the premier producer of petits fours, making more than 30 varieties of Petits Fours that are party-perfect. These cute, bite-sized morsels come in chocolate, red velvet, carrot, pumpkin, yellow and white cake layered with fruit or cream fillings such as lemon, vanilla, chocolate, coconut, almond, coffee, orange, strawberry, cranberry, chocolate fudge, chocolate mint, rum, amaretto, Creme de Menthe, and Kahlua®. There’s a flavor to go with any party event, including bridal showers, brunches, birthdays, holidays, milestones, and seasonal celebrations.

Red Velvet Petits Fours

Creative Dessert Ideas for Parties

From tiny layered cakes shaped like little cubes, new pie-slice shapes, and even winter snowmen, these adorable cakes look great arranged on a festive plate. Each petit four is hand-decorated by specially trained bakery staff. No matter what the occasion, there are petit four flavors that are just waiting to be discovered.

Impress party guests with a creative dessert display. Play with petits fours! Petits fours can be arranged in a variety of shapes or can even be stacked. Create a winter scene with Coconut Petits Fours by constructing an igloo – all you need are toothpicks to anchor the petits fours to one another. Or arrange the cake bites into capital letters to signify a favorite football team or the initials of the guest of honor.

A box of 24 petits fours in six different flavors

A more traditional but eye-catching display is to use a tiered dessert stand to showcase several flavors of tasty treats on multiple levels. If the party food is set out on a main table, buffet, or kitchen island, add height to the various plates, platters, and bowls by propping them up on hardcover books draped with colorful fabric napkins. Consider using several wide juice or cocktail glasses turned upside down, topped with a durable piece of cardboard or other sturdy flat material, and covered with a piece of festive fabric.

Vary the colors and sizes of desserts on each serving dish for added interest, and keep an eye out for any platter that needs replenishing.

With an ideal blend of posh portability, host convenience, and hand-decorated elegance, petits fours add the perfect sweet accent to any party!

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How long do these petite fours last after it is received?

Very nice assortment.

I want Pumpkin Pititi Fours.

In the 60s my mom used to go to this bakery it was called Viennese Bakery. And for special occasions she used to buy these small little cakes. And they called them “petit fours”
They were so good but we only got them on special occasions Like Birthdays, Christmas and Easter. You know stuff like that and they were so cute and so good tasting. I can’t wait to try these. I’ll let you know .

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