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Mother’s Day Food Gift Ideas (Lookbook)

Lemon Cake Roll

“I loved this! I was certain that it was going to be good, but it far exceeded my expectations. I would definitely order this again. It was a pretty cake, plus I enjoyed the lemon filling.”

Anonymous (Bartlett, TN)

Heart-Shaped Fudge

“I bought this for Mother’s Day for my mom. She gave me a bite of it, and it’s really sweet but so delicious!”

Nanoo805 (Hancock, MI)

Ladybug Truffles

“Awww! They’re just sooooo cute…My friend just loved them.”

Tono (Denver, CO)

Classic Spring Chocolates

“This is true to Swiss Colony’s fantastic chocolates! I ordered one for myself and one as a birthday gift for my mother-in-law.”

Angie (location unknown)

Incredible Petits Fours

“These Petit Fours are beyond amazing. The moistness of the decadent cakes combined with the icing that has set up perfectly equals a heavenly bite of deliciousness. I will always order these. They are an all-time favorite in our household.”

Catonista (Virginia)

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Comments (5)

Toffee is the best I ever had!
Sprial Ham is excellent!!!

Thank you for your kind comments, Cindy!

I love these so much ,I hope they do too

I’m thrilled to hear that you love them! I hope the recipients enjoy them just as much. Your thoughtful gesture is sure to bring joy. 🎁😊

I am so glad to have found this page since my girlfriend moved away from next door l I never get to enjoy the butter toffee she would always bring by. It really is a treat. Thank you.

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