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The Best Christmas Gifts for Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate lovers aren’t that hard to shop for…but you don’t want Christmas to get predictable and boring. We’ve got ideas for the best chocolate gifts.

We all know “that person” who lives and breathes chocolate. They find a way to sneak it into just about any meal of the day. To them, chocolate is a food group. Their favorite colors are dark and milk, and “fun size” is no fun at all. Their motto is “Life is short; eat dessert first.”

Royal Chocolate Petits Fours in a red Swiss Colony box with a side plate of sliced, layered Petits Fours.

Let’s face it: these folks aren’t hard to shop for. Pretty much anything to do with chocolate is going to knock it out of the park. But, since the same old box of chocolates can get old over time, let’s look at some options for mixing it up a bit with fresh gifts for chocolate lovers.

One way to find cool chocolate gifts that can’t be found in stores is not to go to stores in the first place. Venture online—you’re here right now, after all—to find quality artisanal chocolate gifts the mass producers can’t duplicate. Chocolate truffles and other decadent treats, many of them hand-decorated, are some of the best chocolate gifts the big retailers can’t get their hands on. Or, for an incredible treat many people simply can’t get enough of, try an award-winning handcrafted butter toffee from Wisconsin. Crispy, tender butter toffee, made with real butter and almonds, covered in milk chocolate, and dusted with crushed almonds, this is a truly scrumptious, and addicting, treat!

Tin of Butter Toffee

Not all Christmas chocolate gifts have to be actual chocolate candies. Chocolatey baked goods can hit the spot as well as anything. Baking cookies or a cake, of course, is a fine thing to do, but they’re not easy to ship. Why not pull out all the stops and send a handcrafted Dobos Torte? This classic dessert (also spelled Dobosh, which is the way it sounds) is made with 15 layers of cake and buttercream, and completely coated in milk chocolate. It’s very difficult to make at home, which makes it a truly unique chocolate gift, and is a terrific centerpiece on the Christmas table.

Chocolate Dobosh Tortes

If you’re looking for something a little easier to serve but equally unique, petits fours are a great idea. The history of petits fours is a tale of delectable mini tortes: layers of cake and buttercream coated in confection. Of course, some are made with chocolate cake and chocolate buttercream and coated in chocolate to present a triple thrill for the chocolate lover. Like their big brother, the Dobosh Torte, these little layer cakes are no treat to make at home unless you’re Martha Stewart, so order handcrafted petits fours online for a unique Christmas chocolate gift.

Hot Chocolate Petits Fours

The Best Chocolate Gifts

Needless to say, the best Christmas gifts for chocolate lovers are those that not only feature chocolate, but also contain another important ingredient: creativity.

Is your chocolate lover also a movie buff? Pair an appropriate movie (like Chocolat, maybe?) with an assortment of chocolate-covered treats to munch while it plays.

If your special person loves to try new things in the kitchen, consider a chocolate fondue set, or perhaps a combination of chocolate and cheese fondue. (Yes, cheese and chocolate are a fantastic combination.)

Classic Candy Assortment

Chocolate is also perfect with ice cream, so think about packaging an ice cream maker with an assortment of chocolate truffles, bonbons or petits fours.

Don’t forget about another of chocolate’s best friends: coffee! A coffee sampler given together with assorted chocolates will bring this perfect pairing home. Or for a more intense experience—for someone who really loves coffee—an espresso machine and a box of coffee-flavored or chocolate petits fours is sure to please. Better yet, for that truly special coffee and chocolate lover, add the ice cream maker and a recipe for a classic Italian affogato…along with those coffee-flavored or chocolate petits fours, of course.

The sky is the limit! With your imagination and a good variety of chocolate gifts, you can please any chocolate lover on your list.

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