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Food Gift Basket Ideas for Everyone

Cheese bars and beef logs gift assortments including tortes and cheese logs with slices on a plate.

Gourmet gift baskets are a great holiday tradition…and they don’t even have to be in baskets. We’ll help you out with food gift basket (or box) ideas.

If you’re stuck on what to get everyone for Christmas, you’re not alone! There are so many people to buy for, and consumer goods have become incredibly specialized. You don’t dare buy someone the latest wearable electronic gadget, because it may not be compatible with the operating system on his/her smartphone. It’s almost enough to make you throw your hands up and give cash…which is pretty much the most impersonal gift ever. But there’s one thing everyone likes, and it can make a fine gift: food.

Food Gift Ideas

There’s just something appealing about a basket brimming with delicious food products…which is why it’s been a popular gift for centuries. Basketweaving is one of the oldest crafts known to civilization, with the oldest basket dating to between 10,000 and 12,000 years ago. The tradition of giving gift baskets is associated with the mythical goddess Eostre, who carried a basket of plants as a sacred offering. Many scholars believe this legend was the origin of the Easter basket.

Over the years, the tradition spread to other occasions; Christmas gift baskets, Mother’s Day gift baskets, Halloween gift baskets…even movie night gift baskets! And it doesn’t even have to arrive in a basket; in fact, many of today’s best food gift baskets are actually gift boxes. When food shopping online, boxes are much more compatible with today’s automated shipping systems, are much more likely to arrive intact, and can even hold more artfully arranged cheeses, sausages, baked goods and other gourmet foods.

Gourmet gift baskets are available in a wide variety to cover virtually any gift recipient’s taste preferences. Fruit gift baskets, meat and cheese gift baskets, candy baskets and more are available ready to order for delivery almost anywhere in the country (check your seller’s website for restrictions). Or if you have someone on your list with special dietary needs and no pre-made assortment is available, you could put together your own gift basket. For example, find decorative baskets at your local retailer and shop for individual items to put together gluten-free gift baskets or other special gifts.

The Dessert Gift Basket

It seems everyone is a sweet tooth during the holidays, and many people don’t have time to bake…so take the time to give something indulgent! A dessert gift basket adds an extra touch of festivity to any holiday celebration, and comes in a variety of forms.

Chocolate gift baskets—or better yet, the classic box of chocolates—are always welcome, especially during the time of year when family and friends are hanging around and in the mood for a nibble or two. Candy gift baskets and fancy tins come in bright holiday colors and look great under the tree.

Of course, many people avoid decadent desserts and prefer a nibble of fruit after dinner. Dried fruit gifts and fresh fruit gift baskets (actually, boxes are more protective) are perfect for these folks.

In our next installment, we’ll look at other types of holiday gift baskets that will be big hits this season.

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Published on Dec 07 2015

Last Updated on Aug 29 2022

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