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Holiday Traditions and Stories

The Swiss Colony has been delivering holiday traditions since 1926, and we’ve been part of those traditions for thousands and thousands of families. Here are just a few who have shared their stories with us.

“When I was a young girl, in the early 1980s, my brothers, sister and I could hardly wait for our Swiss Colony order. Our mother had family all over the country and she would always send them an order from Swiss Colony, and she would always order some cheese for us. The memories of opening our order when it came were some of my favorite Christmas memories. As we grew up and moved on to our own homes, our mother sent us our favorite cheeses every year. In June 2008, our mother passed. I cried that Christmas when my doorbell rang and there was my Swiss Colony order. Our father knowing how much we all loved that tradition decided to surprise us. It warmed all our hearts. I continued this family tradition in my own home as my children grew. Now, they are adults with children of their own and I send them their order every year. Swiss Colony has been a Christmas tradition loved by me and my family for generations. It just would not be the Christmas season without our Swiss Colony order.”

– Quincy, Massachusetts

“I have been married to my husband for thirty years and my mother-in-law always had Swiss Colony treats as part of her holiday desserts. She would put out all of her home baked cookies and cakes along with your petits fours every Christmas Eve after dinner. After she passed away I decided to order them for our Christmas Eve desserts as well. Everyone was so surprised and happy to see them set out and the joy they brought that first year continues still. It was a way for her to be a part of our holiday even though she wasn’t physically with us. Every year we look forward to getting them and as soon as they come out so do the stories of Grandma and the love she shared with all of us. Thank you for helping me keep her a part of our celebration and letting us have those memories to share.”

– E. Peters, New York

“My mother bought the original Dobosh Torte for me over 40 years ago. I was very young when the 1st one arrived to our home. She passed away in 1982 and now my son is 40 and I continued to order that same torte all of these years. It has been that special family tradition and always will be. I have also shared many tortes to our friends and other family members. Thank you for this special treat at the holidays!”

– Annie, Ohio

“My mom has been ordering Swiss Colony for 10+ years. Every Christmas she would have a display of Swiss Colony goodies, the petits fours and cookies, brownies, truffles…A whole mix of things. We would sit around the table and enjoy them. When the spiced pumpkins came about she started ordering them for her grandkids for Thanksgiving. The past 2 year it was important for her to get her order in. And was very persistent. I helped her. We celebrated Christmas late this year on January 4. My sweet beautiful mama went to be with Jesus on January 10. She got to have those petits fours one last time. Her favorite was the pistachio, which she tasted for the first time this year. I will order them every year in her sweet memory. Thank you Swiss Colony for giving us the memories of our kids’ eyes going BIG seeing all the treats and the laughter we had sitting around the table enjoying them. I miss my mama soooo very much. She was smart, strong, beautiful, filled with courage and such a gift to all. I don’t have a picture right now but I’m sure I have some of us years ago enjoying all the treats. Peace and blessings be with all.”

– Angela, Georgia

“We have always loved Swiss Colony since it came to Green Bay many years ago. My mom and I would have a day of shopping during the holiday and really every season. After enjoying lunch at the Terrace room in HC Prange building, we would venture off into the mall (Port Plaza) to Swiss Colony, we could sample all the different cheese spreads and crackers.

Our favorites were garden vegetable and lobster. We always purchased to take back home to share around the table. Loved it all and all the special memories of family enjoying the snacks and visiting. The mall has since left and mom has passed away, but the memories are forever. We continue to order Swiss Colony online and share the memories with our children, family and friends.”

– Mary, Wisconsin

“Our tradition involves ordering from your catalog. From the time I was around 9–10 years old (I’m 54 now) we have ordered from your catalog before every Christmas. In the beginning, my tradition was to order the make-yourself gingerbread house, until I outgrew that. So every year, I had to find something new to order for my Mother and me. My Mother always had to have her fruitcake. Now, we have added my Aunt to our list because she and my Mother got to have their sugar-free fruitcake before every Christmas. I continue to order new and different items. We all look forward to the catalog every year and to receiving our order. Thank you for the memories.”

– Fernley, Nevada

“For the past 20+ years Swiss Colony has been part of our family’s holiday season. Each year when we decorate the Christmas Tree appetizers are served. The sausage trio and red velvet petits fours are always a staple. My daughter took this tradition to college with her because the holidays aren’t the same without Swiss Colony.”

– Tonia, California

“Years ago, my mother started getting Swiss Colony for Christmas, a tradition she started for the family, everyone loved the goodies that arrived, especially Lucas. He is Autistic and has a hard time with the holidays, where he gets overwhelmed easily. He gets super excited when they would come in and got to open them Christmas morning. He loves the colorful boxes and tins so much we still have them to this day. When my parents passed I kept up the tradition for Lucas. He has had a difficult time since their passing, even after two years. But receiving your packages every year lifts his spirit, and he will talk about how grandma used to send for them every year.”

– Naomi, North Carolina

“The famous New Year’s Eve snack board layout from Swiss Colony with some other favorites added!”

– Mimi, Pennsylvania

Thanks so much to these kind folks who shared their precious memories and traditions with us. Do you have a special Christmas memory to share? A memorable Thanksgiving dinner? A Hanukkah or Kwanzaa celebration? We would love it if you would share your memories and traditions with us—a photo or two would make it even better!

Thanks so much for sharing…and for letting The Swiss Colony be part of your holiday traditions!

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As a man it’s difficult to shop at Christmas for others, but with Swiss colony there seems to be a little something for everyone. Swiss has made my holiday so much better from different foods to Christmas candles. I appreciate the wide variety of gifts for everyone that they have to offer. With the easy payment plans I was able to produce a lot of wonderful gifts right online. The one thing everyone loves at Christmas is the food and snacks before and after Christmas dinner to go with all the family visiting. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone having a good time and enjoying everything from Swiss colony to make this holiday fun for everyone. Remember, everyone loves to have something to eat when they show up before dinner. It makes it fun for all !!!!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with Swiss Colony! We’re delighted to be a part of making your holiday special. It’s great to hear that we played a part in making your Christmas shopping easier. Wishing you and your loved ones a joyous 2024 filled with delicious treats and memorable moments. 🎄🎁

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