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Butter Toffee

The Swiss Colony Customer Favorites with red stars

Milk Chocolate Covered Butter Toffee

Three sizes of red tins of butter toffee, with a tipped tin allowing some toffee to flow onto decorative plates.

The Swiss Colony’s Highest-Rated Product

“Do you have a higher rating than 5 stars? This toffee is incredible. Melt in your mouth incredible… If you haven’t tried this toffee, you are missing out on a delicious treat.”
–Michelle, Laconia, NH

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Best-selling for a reason.

Every single piece of Swiss Colony Butter Toffee is hand-poured, hand-fashioned and hand-packed for homemade care in every bite, and a melt-in-your-mouth flavor bursting with buttery goodness—the best you’ve ever tasted! In fact, our Butter Toffee is so mouth-wateringly delicious, it won the Wisconsin State Fair Seal of Excellence…but the most important awards it wins are in the hearts and minds of our customers:

“This is our favorite order at Christmas time! Smooth, melty chocolate, fantastic toffee and topped with nuts. What’s not to love?”
-Anonymous, North Aurora, IL

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What is toffee made of?

1. Our award-winning Butter Toffee contains only the finest butter, almonds, and real sugar.

2. Our candy chefs blend it all in fire-heated copper kettles, then pour it out to cool.

 During cooling, the toffee is scored into individual pieces, which are then broken apart by hand.

4. Each piece is drenched in a special blend of milk chocolate used only for our toffee.

5. After a final dusting of ground almonds, this incredible toffee is ready to enjoy!

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Addictively delicious toffee.

“These toffees are so delicious, it was hard to stop eating them!”
-Baograd, Keene, NH

Our super-buttery toffee, coated in some of the creamiest milk chocolate you’ll ever taste, results in a decadent flavor that can only be described as addictive. We dare you to eat only one piece…but don’t take our word for it; read what our customers tell us:

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