Dobosh Torte

Dobosh Torte

The original Swiss Colony Bakery product.

The Swiss Colony’s reputation was built on selling Wisconsin cheese…but founder Ray Kubly wanted to utilize the state’s other dairy products—like butter—so in 1959 he built a bakery staffed with meister konditors (master pastry chefs) recruited from Austria. The bakery’s very first product was a multi-layered cake fashioned after one from the bakers’ homeland: Dobosh Torte.

Dobosh Tortes - 3 Cakes with one slice cut on each, Chocolate, Mint-Chocolate and Triple Chocolate. Buy Now, Pay Later.

“Family Tradition…I had this as a child in the ‘70s and have continued the tradition with my family and grandchildren.”
-Jane, Brooklyn, NY

15 dreamy, creamy layers.

In 1959 our master Austrian pastry chefs developed their version of the Dobosh Torte, with a symphony of ingredients like real chocolate liqueur and sweet cream butter. Light in texture but rich in flavor, these 15 layers of moist cake and satin-smooth creme are coated in our own Swiss blend chocolate. After just one bite, you’ll know why the first pastry we ever made has remained a customer favorite for more than 50 years.

Chocolate Torte Ingredients - sweet cream butter and chocolate liqueur in a mixing bowl
Layered Torte Cake with Chocolate being Poured Over it
Chocolate Torte Cake up Close showing cake layers, with chocoate cream between layers and Chocolate Covered
Single Piece of Chocolate Torte Cake on a Plate - A Fork hold one bite of the cake

The Dobosh Torte: a holiday tradition.

The History of Dobosh Torte

Dobos Torte (later Americanized as Dobosh Torte) was invented by Magyar (Hungarian) pastry chef József Dobos in 1884, in what was then the nation of Austria-Hungary.

Also known as “drum torte” (dobos means “drummer” in Hungarian), the original version was topped with a layer of caramel so hard it was said it could be beaten like a drum. To make slicing the torte possible, this caramel layer needed to be scored with a knife before it hardened. The Swiss Colony’s chocolate Dobosh Torte is not nearly as hard to serve—just run a sharp knife under hot water and you’re good to go!

“Authentic Magyar dessert … Delicious!”
-Anonymous, Orinda, CA

Pastry Chef's Making Dobosh Tortes in Pre 1970's Bakery
Pastry Chef's Layering Dobosh Torte on Pan - Pre 1970's Bakery
Workers Packaging Dobosh Tortes in Pre 1970's Setting

“I’m from Hungary, where dobos torta was our tradition. Swiss Colony’s is delicious, beautiful and always a sensation when I serve it. Outstanding … Don’t ever stop offering it!”
-Ava, Colorado Springs, CO

One of Chris Mouse’s favorites.

The Swiss Colony Dobosh Torte has been around nearly as long as Chris Mouse has! In this series of original art from Chris Mouse creator Helen Endres, Chris puts together a Dobosh Torte for his adoring fans.

Flavors for every occasion.

While many families will not be without The Swiss Colony’s Dobosh Torte for the holiday season, there’s more than just the original version…and they’re not just for Christmas. We also offer a Mint Chocolate Torte with crème de menthe liqueur, and a Triple Chocolate version layered with fudge and dense chocolate cake. We’ve also been known to launch seasonal flavors for spring, fall and special occasions, so watch for them!

Cream Colored Dobosh Torte with Merry Christmas written on top in Red
Vanilla Torte with Strawberry filling decorated as a winking Santa
White Dobosh Torte with Ducks walking in the rain on top
Chocolate Torte with red filling - Happy Valentines Day written on top - Buy now, pay later