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Petits Fours

A close-up view of salted caramel petits fours, one cut to show the soft caramel filling.

Petits Fours

Red Product Review Stars, 5 of 5

“Great for eating—Great for gifting…These Petits Fours are so delicious, it is hard to eat just one. I also use them as gifts and every recipient just loves them as much as I do.”
–Dottie, Blackwood, NJ

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A row of eight petits fours in a variety of flavors, cut in half to display the layers.

A dazzling variety of colors and seasonal flavors.

Red Product Review Stars, 5 of 5

“Petits Fours make a perfect gift all year round for almost any occasion. True flavors and a beautiful bite.”
-Anonymous, Old Saybrook, CT

Petits Fours have been holiday traditions for decades, but they’re not just for Christmas. In addition to our tried-and-true classic assortments, you’ll find Petits Fours in the fresh flavors and pastel colors of spring and the earth tones and warming spice notes of fall.

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Eight varieties of petits fours in a row, cut in half to display the layers.
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Each luscious little layer cake is a piece of art.

1. Our Petits Fours begin simply: with simple, real ingredients like sweet cream butter and whole eggs…pretty much like you’d make them at home.

2. Sheets of European-style sponge cake are layered with rich butter cremes, cut into perfect little cakes, and generously coated with Swiss blend chocolate or creme confection.

3. Each mini layer cake is still decorated by hand. Swiss Colony is America’s Largest Handcrafting Bakery.

4. Finally, some Petits Fours can even be personalized! It’s that old-school touch that has made Swiss Colony Petits Fours treasured gifts for more than 50 years.

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The Petits Fours experts.

In 1961, our founder, Ray Kubly, was throwing a party. He asked Master Pastry Chef Horst Hart for a special bite-sized dessert guests could enjoy as they pleased.

Horst replied, “You want Petits Fours!” And he made hundreds of them…all by hand.

They were a huge hit, and when Ray offered them in The Swiss Colony catalog, Horst dipped over 60,000 Petits Fours by himself.

Today, our Wisconsin bakery can make more Petits Fours in a day than Horst made in all of 1961, but they’re still hand-decorated…and sure to make your loved ones feel special.

Red Product Review Stars, 5 of 5
“No one else does them like you.”
-Sherry, Cherry Hill, NJ
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Why is it called a Petit Four?

We’ll teach you all you want to know about these amazing little layer cakes! Learn more

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Petits Fours for every occasion.

Red Product Review Stars, 5 of 5
“Thanks for restoring a memory from my younger days when I first tried Petits Fours at a holiday party.”
-Cynthia, Lakewood, CA

Every celebration deserves a cake…but here’s a more practical alternative that’s very on-trend. Layers are the thing these days—desserts are going vertical. Small is big, too; party guests love to munch as they mingle.

Petits Fours can complement or replace a standard wedding cake. You’ll love the fact that there’s no cutting, no serving…no mess. These bite-sized desserts deliver towering flavor while remaining portably posh.

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Red Product Review Stars, 5 of 5
“Great flavors, perfect size to have for dessert or with a cup of tea. They are packed so they can be transported with ease and arrive in perfect condition.”
-Dorothy, Parkville, MD
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Published on Dec 14 2017

Last Updated on Jun 01 2021

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