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Food Gifts

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Food Gifts

Cardinal Tower Christmas gift boxes filled with popcorn, chocolates, Petits Fours, nuts, sausage, and mustard.
“Great Gifts For Christmas gifts, I ordered treats to send to 3 different addresses. These great gifts went over with a huge bang, as everyone loved them. Plus folks living at different addresses were able to receive them individually. Thank you, Swiss Colony!”
–Anonymous, Columbus, OH
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Offer a sampling of our very best Christmas food gifts.

Nestled in the heart of Wisconsin’s dairy country, The Swiss Colony began by bringing fine regional cheeses to a wider audience. And nothing goes better with cheese than our very own summer sausage recipes. Add handcrafted pastries and candies from our bakery, and you’ve got endless combinations of holiday treats. Each assortment provides a delicious sampler of our best-selling products to liven up any party or delight a treasured friend or family member.

“Really Impressive
Just what I needed for a light Christmas evening get-together with family. There was something for everyone to enjoy!”

-Anonymous, Pikeville, TN

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Christmas food gift baskets for any budget.

Our Christmas food gifts are perfect for anyone on your list—whether you want a stocking stuffer or handout gift for the paper carrier or babysitter, or a grand assortment of treats artfully arranged for someone special. We’ll make it easy on your budget, too, with low monthly payments through Swiss Colony Credit. Save your credit card for emergencies; with us you can buy now and pay later: as little as $10 a month!

“Order was perfect. Worth every penny!”
-Marion, Phillipsburg, NJ

“Amazing. I was so happy to get my order and I was not disappointed. The order was everything I was expecting. The sausage, the cheese, the candies…everything was tasty. This was definitely worth the money and I would buy it again next year.”
-Clarissa, Vancouver

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Our best-selling Christmas food gift: 27 Favorites

When you want a can’t-miss holiday food gift, trust our very best seller! The perfect blend of variety and unparalleled quality in an affordable package, 27 Favorites is just what it says it is: 27 of our most popular treats, including snack-sized Caraway and Garlic Summer Sausages; Cheddar, Brick, and Colby cheeses; decadent chocolate covered peanuts, fruit spreads, delectable bonbons, delicious cakes, Petits Fours and more!

“Best Present Ever. This was an awesome present with the best assortment and it was so yummy. I want to buy one for everyone I have ever known.”
-Sarah, New York, NY

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Food gifts for Christmas: from our family to yours.

When you order Christmas food gifts, we guarantee your friends and family will love them. That’s because they were made by us and the people we know. Our baked goods are made and hand-decorated by hardworking people just like you here in our bakery, and each gift basket and box is carefully arranged and packaged so it looks great when it arrives…because we give them as gifts, too!

“Loved It. Very satisfied with this order. The family loved it. We will be ordering it again!”
-Mary, Dale, TX

“Great Item. I bought this for my husband last year; he liked it so much I ordered it again this year. He was very satisfied with the assortment and freshness of this product.”
-Anonymous, Toledo, OH

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Holiday food gifts beautifully packaged…a treat to order.

Let’s face it: shopping can be a hassle. (Dealing with all the traffic at the mall is the worst.) When you shop The Swiss Colony, you can do it from the comfort of home, with just a few clicks. Your gifts will arrive beautifully packaged, and—best of all—with Swiss Colony Credit you can buy now and pay later: as little as $10 a month. Now that’s convenience.

“Great gift item. It was my first time shopping with Swiss Colony. The recipient of this gift was highly pleased with your product, which made me extremely happy. I will shop with you again.”
-Drucean, Garfield Heights, OH

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