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The Finest Fruitcake in America

“Love fruitcake!
This is the best fruitcake! I could eat it year-round.”
Judith, Fitzgerald, GA

The Finest Fruitcake in America

“Love fruitcake!
This is the best fruitcake! I could eat it year-round.”

Judith, Fitzgerald, GA

A (very) long-lasting holiday tradition.

We’ve all heard the jokes about how fruitcakes are passed down through the generations. But while fruitcakes really will last for months with proper storage—even more with an occasional application of brandy, rum or whiskey—it’s the tradition of the fruitcake that has the most longevity. This rich treat has been around in one form or another since Roman times.

Fruitcake Medley Gift - 3 cakes, Macadamia nut, Butter Rum and Original
Chris Mouse Sleeping under Christmas Tree with Partially Eaten Fruitcake

“I had a problem…It lasted one person only 2-1/2 days. It was too irresistible to leave alone! Next time I will definitely have to order a larger one.”
-Donna, Las Vegas, NV

The History of Fruitcake

Some say fruitcake began when the ancient Romans made a sort of energy bar from pomegranate seeds, pine nuts, raisins and barley to sustain their troops in battle. This prototype evolved into various breads, cakes and puddings throughout Europe, including Britain’s plum pudding (known in the famous Christmas carol as “figgy pudding”). What we now know as fruitcake was brought to America before the Revolution, and was eventually packed in decorated tins as holiday gifts…a tradition carried on today by The Swiss Colony.

“Exceptionally Good. Just like Mother used to make. Looks beautiful and tastes the best.”
-Anonymous, Zephyr Hills, FL

Pre-1970's Pastry Chef putting Final Touches on Fruitcake
Holiday Fruitcake in Red Tin without lid next to a fruitcake slice on snack plates
Pastry Chefs Talking About Fruitcake with one in hand

Making the Best Fruitcake

After sampling the most popular fruitcakes in the land, our Master Pastry Chefs arrived at the perfect balance of fruit, nuts and buttery-rich batter. Each Swiss Colony Fruitcake is loaded with 70% fruits and nuts:

  • Grade #1 Fancy Mammoth Pecans
  • Candied Ruby-Red Cherries
  • USDA Grade A Golden Raisins
  • Candied Sweet Pineapple Wedges
  • USDA Grade #1 Walnut Pieces

As a final crowning touch, more dried fruits and carefully selected pecan halves are beautifully hand-arranged on top. The top is then hand-brushed with a sugar glaze, cooked in small batches in copper kettles, to set the design.

Candied Sweet Pineapple Wedges for Fruitcake- Yellow, Red & Green
Candied Ruby-Red Cherries for Fruitcake
Golden Raisins for Fruitcake
Fancy Mammoth Pecans for Fruitcake- 3 pieces
Walnut pieces for Fruitcake
Fruitcake in Baking Pan with a hand putting a candied pineapple on top of cake

Quotes About Fruitcake

Much has been said about fruitcake down through the years…and not all of it has been kind. But, as you’ll see, fruitcake—or at least Swiss Colony fruitcake—has devoted followers. Here are some interesting quotes from some celebrities and our loyal customers:

Butter Rum Fruitcake on a dessert stand and dessert plates

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