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Food Gift Wishlist (Lookbook)

27 Favorites

Our single most popular gift delivers terrific variety and unparalleled quality. Includes snack-sized summer sausages and cheeses, chocolate-covered peanuts, fruit spreads, delectable Bonbon Cookies, delicious cakes, Petits Fours and more!

“I absolutely love this Swiss Colony assortment. My family always celebrates the holidays with this item. It has something for everyone!”

KittyV (Pennsylvania)

Traditional Petits Fours

Our Master Bakers create these little works of art by layering cake and butter crème, drenching each Petit Four in sweet coatings and meticulously decorating each one by hand. Every nibble is an indulgence in sweet aromas and tempting, creamy taste.

“Perfect holiday gift! My great grandmother used to send my mom these when I was a child and it makes my mom happy that I have continued the tradition.”

Wendy (South Jersey)

Milk Chocolate-Covered Butter Toffee

To make the creamiest butter toffee you can find, we blend real butter, sugar and crushed almonds in fire-heated copper kettles, then drench each piece in our own special blend of milk chocolate. Every single piece is hand poured, hand fashioned and hand packed for homemade care in every bite, and a melt-in-your-mouth flavor bursting with buttery goodness.

“Best toffee ever! I order these every year. I share them with coworkers and they always ask where I got them. I have tried other brands but none compare with yours. Simply the best!”

MC (Oklahoma)

Christmas Fruitcake

Each Swiss Colony Fruitcake is packed with sweet cherries, pineapple, pecans, English walnuts and other succulent fruits until it can hold no more…an incredible 70% fruits and nuts! This magnificent holiday creation has become a family favorite for generations.

“I have been buying fruitcake from Swiss Colony for over 20 years. Swiss Colony has always been with me throughout my holidays! The fruitcakes are always fabulous!”

Johnny G (Washington)

Wild Game Meat Sticks

For the real meat lover, exotic flavors like these are a rare treat to be enjoyed slowly. Savory Buffalo, Elk and Venison are all blended with pork and beef for juicier texture and come in delectable packages of 6 sticks each.

“Quality … for unbeatable prices. These are my guilty indulgence. The flavor is very good and I will certainly be buying again. I would almost say that they are addictive!”

Kendal ( Maryland)

Merry Christmas Petits Fours

Spell out the sweetest greetings of all in Red Velvet, Strawberry, Double Chocolate and Vanilla mini layer cakes. Each is carefully crafted of layers of cake and butter crème, drenched in sweet confection and hand decorated with pride.

“Perfect! My whole family loves these. Not too sweet, just right. We all look forward to getting them.”

Andee (Oregon)

Tower Full of Joys

This gift is ready to give…we’ve already done the wrapping! Includes summer sausages, cheese bars, Chocolate and Mint Tortes, Holiday Blend Coffee, candy buttons, honey-roasted nuts, chocolate peanuts, spice drops, mellow crèmes and old-fashioned hard candies.

“A great Christmas present! This will take care of 2 people on my list for Christmas.”

Chef Pam 1 (Indiana)

Ultimate Snack Mix

Give holiday cheer by the handful! We’ve combined three of your all-time favorite snacks to make one terrific gift. Crunchy Mixed Nuts, classic Bridge Mix and colorful Candy-Coated Peanuts all mixed together in one tin for great Christmas crunching and munching.

“So good! This is literally my favorite thing to order! I order these all the time because it is just THAT good!”

Kristin (Illinois)

Snacker’s Dream Basket

Overflowing with a diverse selection of our finest snacks, this gift is guaranteed to be enjoyed by the entire family. Includes summer sausages, cheeses, Incredible Spreadables®, chocolate-covered and honey-roasted peanuts, tortes, chocolates and condiments.

“Delicious! Wonderful basket, but, then again, I have never gotten something from Swiss Colony that was not exceptional!”

Julie (Colorado)

Want More Gift Ideas?

For more ways to make holiday shopping easy and affordable, check out our Food Gifts section. You’ll find gift baskets and boxes featuring handcrafted treats from our own bakery, along with world-class Wisconsin cheeses, sausages and other goodies.

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